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Strategy Development

Many agencies talk about cross platform, we do it. With the convergence of digital mediums, most advertising is interactive. We specialize in brand response campaigns across television (long form/short form), Internet, and Mobile. Our goal is to build our client’s brands while increasing revenue. We understand that even the largest of brand clients – to the smallest of start- ups, budget is an issue, and where and how to spend is even a bigger issue. We can not only help you with this, but show you with data, by building a pro-forma prior to start to estimate performance.

Some outsource creative and production, sometimes we do to get the best director in your field, but with our twenty plus year history of success in creating long form and short form specifically built for brand response, and our “built in” consult, Rick Cesari, who has written the book about it, we do production on time and in budget in house, most of the time. We still, will work with other agencies as well, and many times when we are the brand response arm to big traditional agencies they ask us to act as consult to their creative teams, which we gladly do!

Through twenty years of being successful at brand response DRTV Cesari Media has top notch media buyers and long term relationships with stations. We still do all the homework needed for targeted placements, but have an instinct that “works” without too much optimization as the campaign proceeds, even though we measure and watch in a very efficient and detailed fashion. With our past history we also have the luxury, unlike the traditional agency to buy media for our clients at a discount, why our partnering with your traditional agency as their brand direct extension, really pays off.

Social Media is the economic advantage in full force of word of mouth. Where one places campaigns and spends their marketing dollar fast becomes confusing and actually measuring the analytics of performance even more challenging. We are continually updating our examination of partner software and upgrading our abilities to meet the needs to determine whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, chat, linked in, YouTube will optimally partner well with your DRTV campaign and work in tandem with mobile marketing.

DRTV Campaign results are best maximized with accompanying digital campaigns, both online and mobile, offerings. Of course, we all know that Google Analytics is a tool that can be maximized in managing online campaigns; we also know that you can spend a lot of money before a campaign is honed by not knowing how best to optimize paid media campaigns. Cesari Media’s historical expertise has been CPA television campaigns, but having become experts at watching the big spend’s results, we understand analytics regarding ROI from this expert perspective, and now have been able to maximize online spend equally well.

DRTV campaigns have landing pages, website e-commerce, and call centers that forward outcome. Internet is essentially now mobile enabled, so it is built to be seen on your mobile apparatus as well as on line, as can be your campaign. There is nothing better than to be watching a spot on tv, have it come up on your mobile and with a click order right then and there. No calling a phone center, no having to access a cumbersome internet site, but a simple url; so literally at one’s fingertips an action can take place.

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